About Us

 Chitra Jewels

Chitra is an extraordinary woman with a selfless attitude. She is an unconventional character who doesn't like to follow the beaten track and knows no limitations. She tends to think big, and her idealism knows no limit.

Jewellery of India is a striking expression of the country’s aesthetic and cultural history. 

Chitra jewels have the finest jewellery born in the thick of culture & heritage with a legacy of years. 

Drawing from its heritage, the brand has perennially evolved with time to embrace the present, to offer designs that are imbibed with a luxurious signature-modern aesthetic.

Every collection is conceived with great thought, developed with meticulous detail and enriched with our taste for modern artistry 

Be it timeless traditional gold jewellery, chic and elegant contemporary diamond jewellery, lush polkis – fusion and traditional, or iconic statement pieces of artificial jewellery, other all types of jewellery and silver articles. 

From its inception, the brand devotedly adheres to the commitment of superlative quality and unmatched authenticity. 

We continuously strive for creating extraordinary jewellery with remarkable stories to tell.

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